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What do you think of this thought: from a perspective, having an axe over your head makes things easier. It eliminates all choices and shows you the only one most relevant way out. Speaking jokingly, I say you were "lucky" that your fate made the choice for you so you had nothing left to do other than most reasonable thing to do. As we know: war is simple. And it is simple because it eliminates uncertainty. Kill or be killed - not a brainer.

To some degree it is lowering desires. We all know Maslow's pyramid. And it states: the lower the need the simpler it is to satisfy it. It is easier to satisfy hunger than self-actualization.

So my question: should one make this critical situation himself if one doesn't have it? Should one cross Rubicon? Should he burn all the bridges intentionally?

Again, being sarcastic, not everyone has luxury to not to make a choice.

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I hope you are doing good, wherever you are

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